Latex Records is closed but you can still view the site HERE

I have decided to close the label at this time for various reasons. If you wish to contact me please reach me on Facebook or Twitter at the links below!!!

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TG Mondalf: Owner/Manager/CEO
LaTeX RaDiO (Podcast)

Non-music Related Projects:
Temple of the Dark Fey
Spider Wisdom
Hada Pixie (model site)

I plan on keeping LaTeX RaDiO and will be podcasting again as soon as I'm able to have my PC and Internet connection at my residence again.

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Get Label Releases While You Still Can

CD cover: LTX012/ Container: NEO

Container • NEO
LTX012 • Release: TBA

CD cover: LTX011/ AMUL9: Elevated Beings

AMUL9 • Elevated Beings
LTX011 • Release: 09/2010

CD cover: LTX010/ Mystified: Major Fog 2

MYSTIFIED • Major Fog 2
LTX010 • Release: 04/2009
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CD cover: LTX009/ Mystified: Red Planet

MYSTIFIED • Red Planet
LTX009 • Release: 04/2009
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CD cover: LTX008/ Kali Yuga: The Cosmology of Decay

KALI YUGA • The Cosmology of Decay
LTX008 • Release: 03/2006

CD cover: LTX007/ The Evolutionaries: Exoskeleton EP

LTX007 • Release: 12/2005
The Evolutionaries: Exoskeleton EP

CD cover: Primal River Valley

V/A • Primal River Valley: The Past By Way of the Future
LTX006 • Release: 02/2006

CD cover: LTX005/ Mystified: Transient

MYSTIFIED • Transient
LTX005 • Release: 02/2005
Mystified: Transient

CD cover: removed

LTX004 • Release: 07/2004

CD cover: LTX003/ Asmodeus X: Morningstar

ASMODEUS X • Morningstar
LTX003 • Release: 06/2004
Asmodeus X: Morningstar

CD cover: LTX002/ Written In Ashes

WRITTEN IN ASHES • Written In Ashes
LTX002 • Release: 01/2004
Written In Ashes: Written In Ashes

CD cover: LTX001/ ElectroAge Volume I

V/A • Electro Age Vol. 1: The Awakening
LTX001 • Release: 03/2003