Written In Ashes

Bio: Started in 1996, Written In Ashes has been gaining critical acclaim as well as a world wide fan base. After the releases of "Eternal" (1997) "Eclipse" (1999) "Epiphany" (2000) and various compilation appearances including Cleopatra's "Unquiet Grave volume 1" (1999). The band emerged in 2001 with the strongest material to date and an all new lineup. The band's current line-up contains founding member Kevyn Hay along with stage and studio vetrans, Ashe Ruppe of The Elysium Facade, Trance to the Sun, and Nocturne~pdx~ , Jason Carter of Black Winter and Love Nancy Sugar and Damon Law of theStark and sexwithsarah. Written in Ashes deliver dark and haunting melodies with style, incorporating danceable electronics with an intricate mix of guitars and vocals. Written In Ashes is constantly performing across the United States with European tours on the horizon, a new album in the works and recently appeared on the Ankhor Records Alice Cooper tribute cd "Mutations" (2002). Written In Ashes has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with such bands as Faith and the Muse, Gitane Demone, Black Tape For A Blue Girl, Trance to the Sun, Audra, The Cruxshadows and Voltaire to name a few.

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Written In Ashes

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Written In Ashes (Album)